Component List

For those who wish to know what component I used for my Tesla Coil project looks like and what type.  Most of the component below were bought from surplus market, such as  eBay online auction for very low cost.


Kcondester 200kV Mica Capacitor



  • 200kV, 300kV Surge
  • 0.02 uF
  • DF = 0.002
  • Qty 3 for total of 0.06 uF with over 200 pounds of thermal mass

Manufaurer Website: 




40kV Reactor




  • 1.6 H
  • DC Winding Resistance: 1 Ohm
  • Maximum Isolation Voltage to Case: 50kV
  • Maximum Winding Voltage: 20kVpeak
  • Maximum Winding to Case Voltage: 50kV
  • Performance:  95% Efficiency (with a 0.06 uF cap at 10kV input)

Manufacturer Website: 

N/A-Homemade out of Scrap 3kVA GE transformer

Application Note:

Designed for 20kV DC supply.




5kV Diode