Welcome to Rob's 5 kW DC spark powered 11" diameter Tesla Coil project page.

Short Description of Tesla Coil System:

The Tesla Coil system use 10kVdc rectified power from a 7.2kV "pole pig" transformer and then double voltage to about 20kVdc by DC resonant circuit into the tank capacitor.   The tank capacitor is then discharged into primary coil by the rotary spark gap.  Known as DC powered disruptive Tesla coil.   This Tesla Coil design would be somewhat different due to SCR being used to fire the DC resonant charging circuit at controlled timing for the experiment purpose.   The input power from 240Vac would be about 5kW or possibility  higher.

This page consist of the following:

  • 1.  Schematics
  • 2.  How DC Resonant Charging circuit works
  • 3.  System performance data and waveforms  (coming soon)
  • 4.  Pictures of coil in action  (coming soon)

Disclaimer's Notice:

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